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Adhesion Loss – Coating peeling from substrate or the previous coat

Bleeding – Coating discoloured

Blooming – Cloudy haze on top of the coating

Blushing – Cloudy haze in the coating

Brittleness (linked to adhesion) - Coating cracking from substrate or previous coat

Bubbling (also called solvent boil or aeration) – Bubbles in coating

Champagning – Coating efforvessing like champagne

Cissing (also called cratering or fish eyes) - Coating drying away in circular fashion from the substrate

Cob Webbing - White "cob-web" trails being sprayed from the gun

Cracking - Coating or substrate cracking or crazing

Dirty or Seedy Finish - Dirt, dust or overspray in the coating

Discolouration - Substrate or clear coating changing colour

Fat Edge – Ridge of the pigment in the dry or liquid coating

Floatation - Separation of the pigment in the dry or liquid coating

Flow - Uneven appearance when dry

Frying - The surface of the coating pulls back resulting in raised ridges that can be seen and felt

Marring of Film - Coating film easily marked

Opacity - Substrate or previous coats showing through the last coat

Orange Peel - Uneven finish that resembles the skin of an orange

Overspray (also called dry spray) - Dry paint particles that have been spryaed and not formed a smooth film, resulting in a rough sandy feel and appearance

Patchy Colours - Blotchy and uneven stains

Patchy Gloss Levels - High and low gloss spots in the dried coating

Pinholing - Small pinholes visible in the dry coating

Premature Degradation of Coating System - Coating cracking, lifting, delaminating etc.

Printing - Defects in the film after transporting

Sagging (or runs) - Coating moves and runs on vertical surfaces

Settling - Separation of coating in the can or pail

Sink Back - Noticable defects in the dry film

Slow Drying - Coating tacky or wet after the recommended drying time has elapsed

Streaking (in pigmented finishes) - Lines of differing colours in the dried coating

Streaking (in metallic or textured finishes) - Lines of metallic streaks in the dried coating

Thickening (also called bodying) - Coating becomes thicker in the can over time

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