Glass Coatings

Water Based Glass Coatings

Mirotone is the sole distributor of the ICA Glass Paint Series in Australia (ICA group of Italy), the range includes water based coatings and a unique tintometric system that allows you to add value to glass by providing beauty, colour, texture and enhanced safety. The system enables users to produce an unrivalled array of colours, effects and textures, whilst delivering excellent performance proven under stringent testing; testimonials from users claim that this is the first time that the market has access to this level of adhesion, chemical & physical resistance and light stability, while being user friendly and versatile. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and non- flammable, these coatings are ideal for applications where there are limitations on solvent emissions.

ICA Glass Paint Series Solid & Metallic: High performance, water based paint to protect both solid & metallic colours on lass. Easy to use, single application. Contact us for more information.

Solvent Based Glass Coatings

Mirotone’s glass coatings system offers a simple three step coating process that is easy to apply, fast drying and versatile. The excellent adhesion of this system gives applicators peace of mind during installation and whilst in service.

MIROTHANE PU 5640 Metallic / Pearlescent Tint Base: A fast drying, two pack polyurethane available in a stunning range of vibrant metallic and pearl finishes.

MIROTHANE PU 5605 Pigment Topcoat: A premium two pack polyurethane topcoat. It has excellent flow and levelling and drying characteristics and has excellent chemical resistance.

MIROTHANE PU 5650 Pigmented Topcoat: A user friendly two pack polyurethane with excellent resistance to water, general household contaminates, marring and scuffing.


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