All machinery whether new or old will require refurbishment or painting straight from the factory line. MIROKEY ZP 6940 Zinc Phosphate Primer and MIROLON AK 6980 High Gloss Topcoat are designed to provide a decorative and protective surface to all metal surfaces. This coating system can be applied to all metal objects including farm equipment, lawn mowers, tractors, harvesters and a variety of metal trailers. (Refer to technical for further information).

MIROPRIME ZP 6940 Zinc Phosphate Primer: Is a fast drying, single pack, high build, high solids pigmented zinc phosphate primer for exterior and interior metal surfaces. MIROPRIME ZP 6940 is an anti-corrosive shop / field primer designed for light industrial and commercial environments. Coupled with excellent drying properties and a smooth surface, it is an ideal based to be top coated with MIROLON AK 6980.

  • High build coating provides a protective film for limited exterior exposure

  • Single pack, no pot life issues to manage

  • Superior coverage provides the best possible coverage with minimal coats applied

  • Fast drying, faster handling and shipping

MIROLON AK 6980 High Gloss Topcoat: Is a user friendly, single pack, pigmented topcoat ideal for light industrial metal fixtures and transportable containers such as trailers, rubbish / skip bins and metal fabrications. MIROLON AK 6980 is a high build coating that dries to a high gloss finish. MIROLON AK 6980 can be applied directly over bare metal to achieve a high build coating system.

  • An easy to apply coating that can be applied directly over bare metal when needed

  • Excellent build reduces the number of topcoat required

  • Single pack, no pot life issues to manage

  • Formaldehyde free, safer for the applicator, zero formaldehyde emissions

  • Isocyanate free


Earth moving Equipment

This superior, tough coating system has been designed to protect earth moving equipment against Australia’s harsh elements. MIROKEY VY 6615 Etch Primer provides superior adhesion to a wide range of metals, while MIROTHANE PU 5629 Pigmented 2K Primer provides a higher build undercoat that can be sanded. MIROTHANE PU 5610 Acrylic Topcoat provides excellent exterior durability which ensures that the coated equipment is protected against the harsh weather and environmental conditions. MIROTHANE PU 5610 is designed to provide a high gloss, durable finish for bulldozers, graders, bobcats and all forms of earthmoving and mining equipment.

MIROKEY 6615 Etch Primer: Is a high performance, zinc phosphate etch primer specifically designed for direct application over mild steel, zinc-anneal, chrome, brass, lead and lead alloys, stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised iron.

  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of cleaned metal surfaces

  • Single pack, easy to use

  • Contains zinc phosphate, proven corrosion resistance

  • Fast drying

MIROTHANE PU 5629 Pigmented 2K Metal Primer: Is a premium grade, high solids, low viscosity polyurethane primer for metal. Its excellent sanding properties provide an excellent base for MIROLON enamel and MIROTHANE PU polyurethane topcoats.

  • Easy to sand, powders easily making it ideal for hand sanding

  • High solids, low viscosity provides superior build with minimal thinning

  • Superior chemical and moisture resistance

  • Fast drying properties ensure early recoat and faster shipping & handling times

MIROTHANE PU 5610 Pigmented Topcoat: A high performance, two pack, acrylic modified polyurethane coating. This is a high gloss polyurethane which has superior coverage and excellent durability. MIROTHANE PU 5610 also has superior adhesion over a wide variety of substrates.

  • Outstanding durability, gloss and colour retention

  • Excellent opacity, achieve a high gloss finish with minimal coats


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