Metal Fabrications (Metal Door Frames)

Mirotone has a range of metal coatings that are designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Our zinc phosphate primer is an ideal base for metal fabrication and door frames, as it is designed to be applied over raw steel to provide a protective finish.

MIROPRIME ZP 6940 Zinc Phosphate Primer: Anti corrosive, high build, high solids, single pack (no pot life issues), shop field primer – provides a fast drying base coat which results in a  smooth, superior coverage finish. Topcoat – Paint onsite with a wide range of decorative paints.

  • High build coating provides a protective film *refer to datasheet

  • Single pack, no pot life issues to manage

  • Superior coverage provides the best possible coverage with minimal coats applied

  • Fast drying, faster handling and shipping


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