Truck Bodies

Mirotone’s range of metal coatings that are designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Out two step coating system is ideal for painting truck bodies and trays. It is designed to be applied over raw steel to provide a protective and decorative finish.

MIROKEY VY 6615 Etch Primer: Anti corrosive, high performance, single pack (no pot life issues), etch primer – provides a fast drying base coat with excellent adhesion on metal surfaces.

  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of cleaned metal surfaces

  • Single pack. easy to use

  • Contains zinc phosphate, proven corrosion resistance

  • Fast drying

MIROTHANE PU 5610 Pigmented Pigmented Topcoat: A full gloss, pigmented topcoat that can be colour matched to suit any colour. Easy to apply, two pack coating exhibits outstanding durability and colour retention to a variety of metal substrates.

  • Outstanding durability, gloss and colour retention

  • Excellent opacity, achieve a high gloss finish with minimal coats


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