Single Pack Coatings

Single Pack Coatings

MIROLAC NC Nitrocellulose & MIROCAT PC Pre-Catalysed Lacquers

Mirotone’s produces a high quality range of easy to use lacquers. Ideal for use on domestic furniture, internal doors and children’s toys and furniture. Easy to use and available in a range of gloss levels, Mirotone has the right system to meet your requirements.

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  • MIROCAT PC 3241 Clear Sealer

    Code: 3241
    An economical, fast drying, easy to sand clear sealer. Can be applied over dark timbers or stains enhancing the natural colours without clouding the finished appearance.
  • MIROCAT PC 3244 Clear Sealer

    Code: 3244
    High build, single pack, clear pre-catalysed sanding sealer that provides an excellent base for a range of Mirotone topcoats.
  • MIROCAT PC 3210 Clear Topcoat

    Code: 3210
    User friendly, single pack, pre-catalysed clear lacquer for fixture and furniture finishing.
  • MIROCAT PC 3220 Clear Topcoat

    Code: 3220
    Premium quality, high build, single pack, pre-catalysed clear lacquer.
  • MIROLAC NC 3130 White Undercoat

    Code: 3130
    A user friendly, single pack, pigmented undercoat for internal wood and medium density fireboard (MDF). It is fast drying with excellent sanding properties.
  • MIROLAC NC 3150 Pigmented Topcoat

    Code: 3150
    User friendly, single pack, pigmented topcoat ideal for furniture and fixtures. It´s easy to apply, fast drying and results in a velvet smooth high build finish.
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