HawkRidge Home

Beautifully immersed within the southern alpine region of New Zealand, it is easy to see why this $2-million-dollar masterpiece by contributor’s joiner – Nordzco Joinery & spray applicator – B&W Furniture Finishing Ltd is a 2020 Gold Award winning home.

HawkRidge home boasts 360-degree blissfully stunning mountain views within a rural landscape, making it is easy to see why you would never want to leave.

The property consists of two traditional homestead-style buildings clad in stone and horizontal dark-stained cedar. To join the two properties a contemporary solution was applied using vertical cedar panels – connecting traditional Otago high-country homestead with modern cubic style.

While the home is designed to be family friendly, three strategically placed doors within the home can easily be transformed into a luxury homestay with multiple guest accommodation options. The homes elevated design was inspired by the vast mountain range view and sustainable building practices. HawkRidge captures the essence of alpine living with all the modern amenities.

With sustainability in mind, the home is crafted using an extensive mix of natural products. Repurposed hardwood timbers have been used for exposed structural members, stair treads, bathroom vanities and more. Local artefacts, such as irrigation pipes, farming implements and mooring chains used in handles, lighting and bathroom fixtures, add yet another layer of charm to this hand-crafted home that has successfully blended traditional, contemporary and sustainable style.

Clean and simple joinery and cabinetry was designed by Nordzco Joinery, and B&W Furniture spray applied the Mirotone surface coatings (MIROTHANE PU 5629 Undercoat & MIROTHANE PU 5608 Topcoat) to the kitchen, art studio, pantry, kitchenette and laundry.

The collaborative efforts of all those involved in the project has ensured HawkRidge home is the perfect blend of modern, traditional and functional encapsulated in natures beauty.

B&W Furniture Finishing Ltd are long time spray applicators within Canterbury, New Zealand. Known for delivering high quality finishes on joinery and furniture, B&W Furniture specialise in Mirotone polyurethane systems, offering both pigmented and clear finishes to their clients.

We are proud to support B&W Furniture Finishing’s business and congratulate them on being part of this impressive House of the Year 2020 project.

B&W Furniture Finishing Ltd          

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Nordzco Joinery

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