Rosewood Tree Sculpture

Paul Mitchell, the face behind Far Far Furniture was commissioned to bring to life a massive idea for a giant joinery reading tree within the newly constructed Rosewood Library. Designed as a space for young children to visit, play and listen to stories read allowed by the librarian – this tree is a focal point of the Ipswich City Councils new Rosewood Library.

The reading tree is the result of months of CAD [computer-aided design] and CAM software design by Paul that was reviewed by engineers to approve structural components, along with assembly parts consisting of 600 odd pieces and three weeks to assemble on site. The assembly components took place within the workshop – days flowed by simply shaping and sanding the individual pieces to create the smooth, biomorphic sculpture.

Mirotone’s MIROCAT PC 3220 Clear Topcoat was used to protect the sculpture, providing a high build finish and excellent surface hardness. UV absorbers contained with the coating will provide maximum protection from UV light, while providing the sculpture a good grain definition and depth of colour.

Paul, along with the help of another experienced carpenter, assembled the magical tree by hand and most pieces were bolted and glued into place. As the tree structure reached a height of 2.7m, the city crane was called in to complete the remainder of the job.

The completed masterpiece is a testament to everyone involved in the project including Architects, Engineers and the creative vision of Paul Mitchell. Now completed the Rosewood Tree Sculpture weighs in at 1,200 kilograms and measures a whopping 5.5 metres high!

The sculpture’s highly anticipated reveal officially opened on Monday 27th July 2020 to the amusement of many people’s delight!

Photography Aimee Catt

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