MIROPOL PE Polyester Coatings

Mirotone’s range of polyester undercoats provide an ideal base for top coating with MIROTHANE PU polyurethane topcoats. Whether you are looking for an easy to sand undercoat or a premium, high build polyester undercoat to achieve an exceptional high gloss finish, Mirotone has the product you need. Typical applications include: Interior MDF & particleboard, internal doors, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, commercial joinery / wall panelling and domestic furniture.

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  • MIROPOL PE 5130 White Undercoat

    Code: 5130
    A high build, white polyester undercoat for MDF and particleboard. It is easy to sand and is designed to be top coated with MIROTHANE PU polyurethane topcoats.
  • MIROPOL PE 5202 Accelerator

    Code: 5202
    Cobalt accelerator for use with MIROPOL Polyester undercoats.
  • MIROPOL PE 5007 High Gloss Clear Topcoat

    Code: 5007
    A high build, isocyanate free, two pack polyester, clear coating. MIROPOL 5007 Clear has a very hard, high gloss clear topcoat finish to provide a “glass like” appearance.
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