Floor Coatings (Polycure)

Floor Coatings (Polycure)

Polycure Floor Coatings 

Polycure’s floor product range includes water based and moisture cure floor coatings.Polycure, a division of the Mirotone group, is committed to being a valued supplier to the Timber Flooring Industry by offering innovative products and coating solutions. We aim to offer a level of technical support that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Take a look at our flooring range below.

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  • AQUAPRO 8020 Clear Sealer

    Code: 8020
    Single pack, clear, water based sealer for use on interior timber, parquetry, particleboard and cork flooring. Easy to apply, non yellowing, high solids and easy to sand. AQUAPRO 8020 Water Based Sealer provides an ideal first coat in an AQUAPRO Water Based coating system.
  • AQUAPRO 8069 Hitek Water Based Floor Finish

    Code: 8069
    Single pack, water based floor finish with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • AQUAPRO 8270 Advance 2K Floor Finish

    Code: 8270
    AQUAPRO 8270 Advance 2K is a high performance, two pack, water based floor finish recommended for application to interior parquetry, timber, particleboard and cork flooring. AQUAPRO 8270 Advance 2K has exceptional abrasion resistance and excellent chemical and is available in Matt, Satin and Full Gloss . Highly suitable for commercial and high traffic environments.

    Code: 8770-M-B-500ML
    Part B for use with AQUAPRO 8270 Advance 2K Floor Finish
  • DURAPOL 5845 Low Gloss

    Code: 5845-3
    Premium, clear, low gloss, moisture curing polyurethane. It is a highly abrasion resistant and extremely durable coating that can be used as a final coat to achieve a subtle sheen on timber, parquetry and cork flooring. Available in Low Sheen, Super Satin and Semi Gloss.
  • DURAPOL 5845 Super Gloss

    Code: 5845-9
    Premium, single pack, clear, gloss moisture curing polyurethane. Extremely durable and highly abrasion resistant, results in a high gloss mirror finish.
  • FASTASEAL 3528 Clear Sealer

    Code: 3528
    A clear single pack, fast drying sealer which is easily sanded and has excellent adhesion to all timber species. Formulated to be applied as a thin first coat under all Polycure coatings.
  • FASTASEAL 3535 Recoat Primer

    Code: 3535
    A two pack, recoat primer or single pack, grain filling sealer on uncoated interior timber or cork flooring, low yellowing and rapid drying.

    Code: 3535-M-B-01
    Part for use with FASTASEAL 3535 Recoat Primer (1L)
  • AQUACARE 8440 Floor Clean Concentrate

    Code: 8440
    A powerful detergent used for cleaning Polycure’s range of floor coatings. AQUACARE Floor Clean Concentrate is designed to help the floor owner to maintain and revitalise natural timber floors.
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